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Subject: Re: Large file issue
Posted by:  Amit Fridman (amit_fridm…
Date: Sun, 13 Jun 2004

"Michael J. Leaver" <> wrote on Sun, 06 Jun 2004 12:41:00

> Hi, some users of my program are experiencing problems with large files
> on the FTP server (over 50MB in size). They are using different FTP
> servers (NetFile and IIS). The issue seems to be that if a large file is
> in the FTP directory then it somehow screws up the directory listing
> (the user doesn't see the listing - it's internal in the program). I've
> tried testing it on my end and I cannot duplicate it.
> I'm retrieving the list of files by: TIdFTP.List(nil, '-al')
> Has anybody come across anything similar or have any suggestions?
> I'm using the latest version of Indy 9 on Delphi 7. Sorry for being
> vague, but I'm not sure what the problem is or where it is.
> Thanks

Happened to me as well with Indy 9. After digging in the sources, I found
the the DOS Directory parser does not handle large files well. Looks like
the file size "spills" to the left and confuses the parser. The result is
that the FTPList format is not identified, an exception is raised and
nothing gets parsed in DirectoryListing.

You could override OnCheckListFormat to force the format to flfDos or
whatever you need.

Perhaps someone could enter this as a bug


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