FTP: Capture all sent/received commands

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Subject: FTP: Capture all sent/received commands
Posted by:  Luis Mineiro (lu…@zbit.pt)
Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004


Thanks for all the replied to my question about OnCreateFTPList(). Sorted
that List() thing and I'm now trying to understand how I could intercept
all the RAW commands sent to FTP server.

Like, when I do List() catch that "LIST" or "Whatever_Indy_sends" and when I
do ChangeDir('the_dir') catch the "CWD the_dir".

One other thing would be to intercept the ftpd answers to those commands.
Resuming, anything going to ftpd and being answered besides file transfers.

Can it be done?


Luis Mineiro (lu…@zbit.pt)
ZBit Software, Lda. http://www.zbit.pt)