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Subject: Re: TidFtp TransferTimeout - Indy 10
Posted by:  Don S (mudsha…
Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004

> The TransferTimeout setting for the FTP protocol, is it in milliseconds i.e
> 1000 = 1 second?

All timeout values in Indy are expressed as milliseconds (1000ms = 1s).  If there are any exceptions to that rule, I am not aware of it.

> Also on indy 9 we had IDftp1.Connect(10000) which was a
> setting for a timeout if the connect failed in indy 10 does the
> Transfertimeout do the same?

No.  TransferTimeout is used as the Read timeout value for the data channel, but not the control channel.  It has no effect on actions in the Connect method at all.

And, in anticipation of the unasked question...

Q: How do you specify the connection timeout in Indy 10?

A: At the present time, you cannot.  There is no ConnectTimeout property, or an overloaded Connect method that accepts a timeout value in the current version of Indy 10.  The architectural underpinnings are in place in TIdIOHandlerStack.ConnectClient, though.



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