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Subject: Re: Proxy & Firewall
Posted by:  Don S (mudsha…
Date: Thu, 29 Jul 2004

> we use the TIdFTP component. At one of our customer we have the problem by
> connecting to the Proxy (with firewall). There is no authentification
> necessary. We set the SocksInfo structure (Host,Port) but we always get the
> error 10057. With the programm WSFTP it works only with the behavior "Proxy
> OPEN".

What version of Indy? 9 had limited proxy support.  10 is much better (more proxy types).

Is it actually a Socks proxy you're connecting to?  If not, then don't use SocksInfo, use ProxySettings.  If it doesn't require authentication, don't put anything in the Username and Password in ProxySettings.

It might help to see the code that doesn't work.


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