Problem with FTPConnection.PUT

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Subject: Problem with FTPConnection.PUT
Posted by:  Steve Ball (Ste…
Date: Mon, 2 Aug 2004

I have D7. I have written a standalone projects (using IntraWeb) have just
updated this to IW7.2.

I have a problem that my program freezes when I try to do the
FTPConnection.Put command.
I don't get an error, it just goes all slow. So far its been sobad that
occationally i've had to reboot the machine as the entire machine goes slow.

I have tested locally on FTP server and it works ok, However when I connect
to the clients FTP server it connects ok, they can see it come in,
everything seems as it should be and then I try to upload the file :o(

I have anti freeze attached to the process and have attached it to the main
application form and also tried with it attached to the IWForm.

Any ideas? TIA, a very desperate... Steve