List(); Unexpected result

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Subject: List(); Unexpected result
Posted by:  Jaepil Kim (jaep…
Date: Tue, 03 Aug 2004

Hi i m using Indy9 with BCB5.

On my FTP server i have following structure.


When i excute following code, i get '9999' as a result.
I was expecting to see 'test'. What am i doing wrong?


// Connect to the server
IdFTP1->Host = Host;
IdFTP1->Username = Username;
IdFTP1->Password = Password;
IdFTP1->Connect(true, IdTimeoutDefault);

// Get a list of folders
IdFTP1->TransferType = ftASCII;
TStringList *l_ServerFileList = new TStringList();
IdFTP1->List(l_ServerFileList, "*", true);

// Show the first directory's name
// I expected to see 'test' but got '9999'
if (IdFTP1->DirectoryListing->Count > 0) {