501 error on connecting to FTP server.

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Subject: 501 error on connecting to FTP server.
Posted by:  Marcel Horsthuis (marc…@horsthouse.nl)
Date: Mon, 9 Aug 2004


When I try to connect to an FTP server I get the message "501 Invalid number
of arguments"

See the log output below

11:14:34 recieve:  220 ???????????????
11:14:34 send:  USER User
11:14:34 recieve:  331 Password required for User
11:14:34 send:  PASS Password
11:14:34 recieve:  230 User User logged in.
11:14:34 send:  TYPE I
11:14:34 recieve:  200 Type set to I
11:14:34 send:  SYST
11:14:34 recieve:  215 UNIX Type: L8
11:14:34 info:  Connection established.
11:14:34 send:  CWD
11:14:34 recieve:  501 Invalid number of arguments.

Could anybody help?

I'm Using Indy 9.

The username and passwords are changed for obvious reasons.

Marcel Horsthuis.