Re: TidFTP.Compressor and MODE Z problem

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Subject: Re: TidFTP.Compressor and MODE Z problem
Posted by:  Michael J. Leaver (
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2004

Michael J. Leaver wrote:
> Hi, I'm trying to use the MODE Z option in Indy 10 on the FTP client
> side. I'm creating the compressor property and setting the transfer mode:
> var
>  FFTPCompressor: TIdCompressorZLibEx;
>  FTPCompressor:=TIdCompressorZLibEx.Create(FFTPClient.Owner);
>  FTPClient.Compressor:=FFTPCompressor;
>  FTPClient.TransferMode(dmDeflate);
> but when I use this with the Raiden FTP V2.4 server the files transfer
> to the server but they are corrupted.
> Is there another setting somewhere, e.g. compression type, or do I need
> to transfer files using a different method?
> Thanks

As a follow up to this, it's not actually corrupting the file, it's
losing around 7K at the end of the file on the FTP server.

Any ideas anyone?


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