Re: Q) Wrong ASCII file size after download!!

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Subject: Re: Q) Wrong ASCII file size after download!!
Posted by:  J. Peter Mugaas (oma002…
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004

On Thu, 30 Sep 2004 14:11:58 +0900, Byungho Jeon wrote:

> hi ...
> After download file with ascii transfer type, It's file size is bigger than
> server file size!!
> If download file with binary mode, file size is same!!
> FTP Server is ??? demon on linux box!!  I don't know exact demon name and
> version!!(exactly it's not windows server!!!)
> Can you teach me?
I would think it has something with ASCII mode.  In ASCII mode, there's a
standard EOL (CR+LF).  In binary mode, the file is simply transferred
exectly how it's stored on the server.  A reason that a file would be
bigger in ASCII transfers is that the standard Unix EOL (LF) is being
converted to a CR+LF.  Different systems have different EOL conventions.
In Win32 systems, the EOL is CR+LF. In Unix (as mentioned), the EOL is a
LF.  On a Macintosh, the EOL is a CR.

Am I making any sense?



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