ChangeDir( ) problem

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Subject: ChangeDir( ) problem
Posted by:  zubran (t.rand…
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004

when I try to change dir with "lFtp.ChangeDir(name);"  method it cause

"An unhandled exception of type 'Indy.Sockets.IndyReplyRFC.EIdReplyRFCError'
occurred in indy.sockets.dll
Additional information: /Brichta.Ale?.BEST.OF: No such file or directory."

because as you see, the dir name is Brichta.Ale?.BEST.OF... but not in my
language. When I list a dir it's Brichta.Ale¹.BEST.OF  right. (so there is
char "?" in position of  "¹")
So problem is that I have to use ASCII with special chars that are in my
language  as "ì¹èø¾ýáíé..." and statement CWD in INDY ChangeDir( ) do not
allow it to me and I dont know, how to fix it

Thx for any ideas
PS. sorry for my english

zubran }:-)