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Subject: Re: ChangeDir( ) problem
Posted by:  Fakher Halim (fakh…
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004


I am sorry to hear that you got problems with Indy. Although I don't have
experience with non ASCII character sets, I would suggest you may try
listing directory contents in Visual Studio.NET Watch windows. They also
dump the contents in Hexadecimal to figure out the actual code that
represents you directory name.

In .NET, you may Type Cast any character to Byte data type. That data type
allows any byte stream no matter in which language it was created to go
un-interrupted. The .NET infra structures have a strong LOCALE support --
specific code pages for different internationl languages.

I am not much knowledgeable about Indy, but expect it to be pretty robust to
handle international character set. I am sure someone in the newsgroup would
have the knowledge to help you if it with Indy's Realm.

Fakher Halim

Software Architect,


"zubran" <t.rand…> wrote in message
> when I try to change dir with "lFtp.ChangeDir(name);"  method it cause
> exception
> "An unhandled exception of type
> occurred in indy.sockets.dll
> Additional information: /Brichta.Ale?.BEST.OF: No such file or directory."
> because as you see, the dir name is Brichta.Ale?.BEST.OF... but not in my
> language. When I list a dir it's Brichta.Ale¹.BEST.OF  right. (so there is
> char "?" in position of  "¹")
> So problem is that I have to use ASCII with special chars that are in my
> language  as "ì¹èø¾ýáíé..." and statement CWD in INDY ChangeDir( ) do not
> allow it to me and I dont know, how to fix it
> Thx for any ideas
> PS. sorry for my english
> --
> zubran }:-)
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