TIdFTPServer problem

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Subject: TIdFTPServer problem
Posted by:  Khash Sajadi (kha…@btinternet.com)
Date: Fri, 12 Nov 2004

I have a slightly unusual problem with TIdFTPServer:

My FTP server is not quite a normal FTP server and because of this I have to
collect data from different files on the server and put them together and
send them back to client as a file. Due to this I have a problem: If I
collect the data on the server first, sometimes this takes a while and I get
"Server Connection timeout" on the client and the client gives up.

So I though I'd wirte a real-time descendant of TStream so it collects the
data on-the-fly and sends it back to the client in small chunks and the
client will be kept happy until it finishes.

But as I don't know the size of the final file in this scenario I have to
tell client it is "very big" (maximum possible size) and then correct the
size later on. The problem is I get the connection timeout still!

I'm not sure if this is because the stream is real-time so its position is
always equal to its size and therefore client is always on 100% progress of
download and after a while throws a timeout at my face.

So I think I'm missing something here. Does anyone have a suggestion to
solve this problem?

Thank you all,