TIdFTP.ChangeDir problem

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Subject: TIdFTP.ChangeDir problem
Posted by:  Stephen Hauck (hauc…@hotmail.com)
Date: Wed, 17 Nov 2004

I am getting an AErrCode of 220 when the following line of code executes
against a server running ProFTPD1.2.9

procedure TIdFTP.ChangeDir(const ADirName: string);
  SendCmd('CWD ' + ADirName, [200, 250]); //APR: Ericsson Switch FTP    {Do
not translate}

It appears that 220 is a good return code, do I just add the code like this
SendCmd('CWD ' + ADirName, [200, 220,250]); //APR: Ericsson Switch FTP
{Do not translate}

or am I doing something wron somewhere else ?

Thanks for ANY help,
Stephen Hauck