FTP-client and AntiFreeze?

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Subject: FTP-client and AntiFreeze?
Posted by:  john vd waeter (jo…@jvdw.nl)
Date: Fri, 24 Dec 2004

Hi Group,

To make my application a bit more foolproof, I try to intercept all
things that can go wrong....

If a user by mistake enters port 22 imstead of 21, some ISP's react by
sending something that looks like a SSL-welcome...

My ISP actually floods me with SSL-welcome texts...

If I try to abort, nothing happens, the GUI is frozen. Using the
TIdAntiFreze does not bring a solution. I tried it with the Delphi Indy
FTP demo, using Indy 9.0.18

I run on XP SP2.

Is there anything, besides using threads myself, that I can do to abort
a connection if clientlogin is not established within a certain time?

tia, and hapy holydays!