IdFTP Indy10 Get and Abort,Quit,etc.

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Subject: IdFTP Indy10 Get and Abort,Quit,etc.
Posted by:  pq (quistn…
Date: Sun, 2 Jan 2005


I've been getting headaches trying to solve this problem with both the
latest Indy9, and Indy10,
and I can't figure out if this is somehow my fault or in the IdFTP code.

I've put some ftp handling routines into a thread, that uses IdFTP, and
after succesful connecting, initializing, etc, I call Get() to retreive a
large file. Of course this works, and it succesfully exits when the download
is complete. However, I have been trying to get out of the Get() function
without succesful completion, and this has been gotten rather ugly.
At first I tried Abort(), which doesn't make Get() exit itself. (client
sends ABOR to server, and server even replies with the aborted succesfully
Then even a Quit(), or a Disconnect(), wouldn't work either.
Even Freeing the destination-filestream wouldn't work.
I've tried both in Passive and non-passive mode.

And I have no clue why. I've jumped some breakpoints in and out of the Indy
code and mine, but it doesn't exit whatever I call.

What the heck am I doing wrong? Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Or what else can I do to debug this thing...