Reading the "answers" ( 220 ) from the FTP server

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Subject: Reading the "answers" ( 220 ) from the FTP server
Posted by:  Paulo Germano (pg…
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2005

Hi all.....
i just have a little question...... when i log into my localmachine ftp
using FlashFXP i get all that info ( the info is shown on the footer of
this message ).. i would like to show it also on my FTP client
application... how do i capture this info from the server i connect ??

i played sometime ago with the IP*WORKS and to do that is very simple.
that´s the code i used on ip works to show this "log". i just used this
code on the OnPITrail event.
procedure TF_Main.ipsFTPS1PITrail(Sender: TObject; Direction: Integer;
  const Message: String);
so.. at every line this event is trigered and the info is added to the memo.

is there anyway to do that on Indy ??
i´m using Indy10 + Delphi 7 + SSL ..

thanks for all...


here is the info i´m taling about:
Connecting to localhost
Connected to localhost -> IP= PORT=21
220-Serv-U FTP Server v5.1 for WinSock ready...
220-  ppppppggpp          ggggggggg
220-  pppppggpppp      ggggggggggggg
220-  ppp    pppp    ggg        ggg
220-  ppp    pppp    ggg
220-  ppp    pppp    ggg
220-  ppppggpppp      ggg
220-  pppggpppp        ggg    gggggg
220-  ppp              ggg    gggggg
220-  ppp              ggg        ggg
220-  ppp          00  gggggggggggg      00
220-  ppp          00  ggggggggg        00  FTP Server
220-Server Statistics:
220-Up Time : 4d 1h 37m
220-Bytes Uploaded : 0
220-Bytes Downloaded : 88
220-Local Time : 20:21:41
220 ,.-=~'`^`'~=-.,__,.-=~'`^`'=-..,_,=-~'`^`'~=-.,,.-=~'`^`'
234 AUTH command OK. Initializing SSL connection.
Negotiating SSL/TLS session...
SSL/TLS negotiation successful...