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Subject: IdFTP + Threads
Posted by:  Paulo Germano (pg…
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2005

Hi All....

i´m making a FTP Client with IdFTP...

It´s almost done, but it´s not using Threads and i want to ( i need to )
use it to make a "smooth" application.
I´m using the AntiFreeze.. but it still freezes a lot.

A little example that i think i must use threads.

the FTP Client have an IDENT server runing.
When the IdFTP connects to the server.... the server sends an IDENT
request. But my application is frozen because the IdFTP is still waiting
for some response from the server. Since the application is frozen, the
IDENTServer cannot repply to the ident request.

I made a separate application just to work as a IDENT server... and
everything worked well. So that´s one of the reasons i need to use threads.

Is there anyway to make ALL IdFTP actions to be made in a thread ?
operations like: IdFTP.Connect, .List, RetreiveCurrentDir, SendCmd and

I wanna avoid ANY freeze in my application.

Sorry if i wasn´t clear or if i asked for something undoable...

I never used threads.. :(

I appreciate any help...

thanks a lot..