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Subject: Re: indy ftp question
Posted by:  Don Siders (mudsha…
Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005

> I'm trying to use the indy idftp server in delphi6 to ftp files
> from a mainframe environment to a windows 2k box.

TIdFTP is a client and not a server.

> I'm trying to use the SIZE function to know beforehand
> how large the file is but I get the error:

> FTP server not configured for SIZE

> Any clues what this means?

It means the FTP server doesn't implement the SIZE command.  SIZE (along with MDTM, MLST, and MLSD) is an optional feature defined in a draft extension to the FTP protocol.  You could check the TIdFTP.Capabilities property (after logging in) to see what the server supports.



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