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Subject: Re: TIdFTPServer some questions
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Sat, 19 Feb 2005

"Dimm" <Di…> wrote in message

> 1. Why if to stop TIdFTPServer during transfer of a file window
> Access Violation is displayed? And how to me will get rid of this
> window? (How correctly to disconnect connection in an operating
> time component, without window Access Violation?)

Please provide more details.  What does your actual code look like?  How are
you trying to stop the transfer?  At what point does the AV actually happen?
Is it actually an AV to begin with, or another kind of exception?  An AV
means that invalid memory was accessed.  That is unlikely to be the case

> 2. Why are not supported expanded command List with parameters, for
example "-la"?

Because there are no such parameters in the FTP protocol to begin with.  The
LIST and NLST commands each only take one parameter - the path to get the
listing for.

> 3. Where to follow an example of a call and processing of exceptions

I do not understand what you are asking.

> 4. Why is not present automatic install Indy10 for Borland
> C ++ Builder environment?

Because Indy's source code does not fully support BCB at this time, so it
would not be worth it to provide an installer for BCB.  With that said,
there are third-party packages available for installing Indy 10 into BCB,
although I have not had any chance to try them myself yet.

> 5. Why the component hangs at copying a plenty of files and folders?

Again, you need to provide much more details.

> 6. Why there is a restriction on the size of a file 2 Gb?

Because Indy has a whole does not support 64-bit streams.  The VCL itself
did not support Int64 in TStream until D6.  Indy has to be backwards
compatible with at least D5, which means Int64 is not available in TStream,
so streams are limited to 2Gb.  All stream progress tracking is done using
Integer, not Int64.

With that said, Indy programmers are already well aware of this issue, and
have already agreed to implement Int64 support into a future release of
Indy.  However. it has not been implemented yet.



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