MDTM problem on Titan

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Subject: MDTM problem on Titan
Posted by:  Michael J. Leaver (
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2005

Hi, there appears to be a problem setting the remote file date & time on
Titan 3.30 FTP servers using Indy 10. The problem is that Indy ignores
the FTZInfo.FGMTOffset value, and instead uses the value from
MinutesFromGMT (IdFTPCommon.pas), which is the clients offset from GMT.

So no matter what I do it's applying the clients GMT offset to the MDTM
value, even though the server is in the same timezone. Changing the
timezone setting in Titan has no effect.

If I manually do:

FTPClient.SendCmd('MDTM '+ FTPDateTimeToMDTMD(ADateTime - OffSetFromUTC
+ FTPClient.TZInfo.GMTOffset,False,False)+ ' '+AFileName,[253]);

Then it works fine.