IdFTPServer don`t work correct?

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Subject: IdFTPServer don`t work correct?
Posted by:  Dimm (Di…
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 2005

Many thanks for the answer.

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> > 1. Why if to stop TIdFTPServer during transfer of a file window
> > Access Violation is displayed? And how to me will get rid of this
> > window? (How correctly to disconnect connection in an operating
> > time component, without window Access Violation?)
> Please provide more details.  What does your actual code look like?  How are
> you trying to stop the transfer?  At what point does the AV actually happen?
> Is it actually an AV to begin with, or another kind of exception?  An AV
> means that invalid memory was accessed.  That is unlikely to be the case
> here.

If to close the application using a component TIdFTPServer while transfer the file from/to a server, the window Access Violation is given out. The same situation arises at interruption of connection during transfer of a file sample:
char *szCodeTerminate = "501 Terminate by server";
TList *FTPThreadList = FTPServer->Threads->LockList();
for(int i = 0; i < FTPServerList->Count; i++)
  if(lstrcmpi("", ((TIdPeerThread *)FTPThreadList->Items[i]->Connection->Socket->Binding->PeerIP.c_str()) == 0)
// This strings terminate with window Access Violation
    ((TIdPeerThread *)FTPThreadList->Items[i])->Connection->DisconnectSocket();
    ((TIdPeerThread *)FTPThreadList->Items[i])->Connection->WriteBuffer(szCodeTerminate);
  catch(...) {}
How i can gets rid of this window?

> > 3. Where to follow an example of a call and processing of exceptions
> TIdException?
> I do not understand what you are asking.

How i answer to the FTP client about that what the specified file or folder does not exist?

> > 4. Why is not present automatic install Indy10 for Borland
> > C ++ Builder environment?
> Because Indy&apos;s source code does not fully support BCB at this time, so it
> would not be worth it to provide an installer for BCB.  With that said,
> there are third-party packages available for installing Indy 10 into BCB,
> although I have not had any chance to try them myself yet.

Could not you prompt where I can take them?

> > 5. Why the component hangs at copying a plenty of files and folders?
> Again, you need to provide much more details.

It is shown at copying a many files and folder from/to server.What you can advise?

I am sorry for my English...

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