TIdFTP, Is thread safe?

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Subject: TIdFTP, Is thread safe?
Posted by:  Gerald Benusa (bbenu…@tibsite.com)
Date: Thu, 21 Apr 2005

I am wondering if this object is thread safe?  I saw in a previous posting
that in general VCL components are not thread safe.

I am not using the VCL component, but I am using the TIdFTP.Create(nil)
method everytime I create a new thread either for uploading or downloading
files.  I have created a "TFileProcessThread = class(TThread)" class and
within the execute method I am instantiating a new TIdFTP object.

Basically, I am trying to create a FTP scheduler program of sorts that will
have a list of files either to be uploaded or downloaded at a specific time
or scheduled to launch after a period of time has passed.

Anyway back to my original question, is the TIdFTP object thread safe?