Re: FTP.List method file size issue

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Subject: Re: FTP.List method file size issue
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005

"Gerald Benusa" <bbenu…> wrote in message

> The question I have, is there a file size limit when using
> the list method of the FTP component?

2 GB.

> I attached to a server that had a file that was over 1 Gigabyte in
> size for downloading and when the list method was fired, it
> acted as if there were no file present.

Are you saying that the server is not including the file in the retreived
listing at all?  Or just that Indy is not parsing it correctly?  List() can
only tell the server to send or not send entries based on file masks and
other simple filtering attributes.  If the server decides not to include a
file that your client is expecting, then you need to examine the server's
logs and/or code to find out why, since the server, not TIdFTP, is producing
the listing data to begin with.

> Are there limitations for downloading files?

Currently 2 GB.  There has been talk of updating Indy 10 to support
Int64-based transfers, but that has not been implemented yet.




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