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Subject: Re: Downloading large files
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (TeamB) (
Date: Fri, 6 May 2005

"Gerald Benusa" <bbenu…> wrote in message

> are there any special flags or commands for downloading
> several large files within the same list method call.

Downloading is a completely separate operation from listing directory
contents.  The two have nothing to do with each other.

> I am using Indy 9 with Delphi 7 and connect to an IIS FTP server
> to download several zip files.  The file sizes are between 100 MB up
> to 690 MB.  There are approx 5 files to download.  I am performing
> some stress testing so I am trying this every 60 seconds after a
> successful download of all files has been done.

Ok so far.

> I launch the download in a thread of its own so when the list method
> is fired it will download all files within its own thread.

You are not trying to download *while* the List() method is still
progressing, are you?  If so, then you cannot do that.  You must wait for
List() to completely finish first.

> I also have noticed that if I have multiple download threads running,
> if all the files to be downloaded are small in size (say under 100Kbytes)
> then all goes well for over and hour or so, but, if one of the download
> threads contain large files (as mentioned above) the thread with the
> files has the mentioned EIdConnClosedGracefully exception I have
. been reading about in many places.

EIdConnClosedGracefully is a normal exception when the server closes its end
of the data connection before TIdFTP closes its end.  That is not an error.
TIdFTP should already be handling EIdConnClosedGracefully internally.




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