How to Determine a File Transfer is Complete on Server?

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Subject: How to Determine a File Transfer is Complete on Server?
Posted by:  Gary D. Derby (gder…
Date: Thu, 28 Jul 2005

I am using Indy 10 and have created a FTP Server in an application.  I also
have a FTP Client in the application.  I send a file to a remote system
using the FTP Client.  When the remote system receives the file it does some
processing based on the data in the file.  Once the processing is done the
remote system sends a status file to my FTP Server.  I then look at the file
returned to determine the success/failure of the processing on the other

Is there an event or something on the FTP Server that will tell me the FTP
Server has finished receiving a file?  We are just checking in a specific
folder periodically to see if there are any new files.  The problem we are
having is when there is heavy activity with many commands sent to the remote
system, if we get a number of status files back we sometimes get an I/O
Error 32.  I assume the FTP Server is still doing something with a file when
we try to process it.

Thanks In Advance
Gary Derby
Senior Design Specialist
Quintrex Data Systems, Corp.