FTP List Parsing

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Subject: FTP List Parsing
Posted by:  Jeff Easton (jeff.east…@networkautomation.com)
Date: Mon, 29 Aug 2005

Is there a way to have the IdFTP object parse a file listing that I give it
I have a user that has a problem with only one FTP server.  I don't have
access to it, and I don't even know what FTP server software it is.
However, the user has given me a listing from the server.

The problem that he has is that he is getting an error message "Invalid
argument to date encode".
I do not do anything with dates, so I believe it isn't my code.

If I could poplate the FTP parser with a listing, and then tell it to parse
that, I might be able to reproduce the error.
The listing looks like this:

-C--E-----FTP B 204739      23754      895 Aug 26 01:31
-C--E-----FTP B 204739      45109      895 Aug 26 02:31
-C--E-----FTP B 204739      41174      895 Aug 26 03:31
-C--------FTP B 204739      8549      895 Aug 26 04:31
Total number of batches listed: 4

Thanks for any help.
Jeff Easton