TIdAntiFreeze basics

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Subject: TIdAntiFreeze basics
Posted by:  Joe Pool (jp2mail-…@yahoo.com)
Date: Fri, 16 Sep 2005

I have read up on all of the help that I have found on Indy's AntiFreeze,
but I was not able to find anything on how to use it.  I looked in the
IdAntiFreeze.hpp file, but the only thing "public:" in it was Process().  Do
I simply create an instance of it in my project and let it do it's thing, or
are there settings I need to make with it?  Do my other Indy components need
to know that it is there?  As old Asian professor of mine used to ask, "What
to do?"

I'm using BCB6 and Indy 9 (no Indy 10 for BCB6), and I declared an instance
of it in my code as such:

TIdAntiFreeze* IdAntiFreeze1 = new TIdAntiFreeze(NULL);

Will I go to hell for that?