Ftp connection freezes

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Subject: Ftp connection freezes
Posted by:  Gustavo Ricardi (gricar…@cybelesoft.com)
Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2005


I'm trying to use the IdFtp component in a thread and I have two problems:

1) If I check the Connected property from my main thread during a ftp
processing, the ftp hangs. This works well onbly if I comment out the
ReadFromSource(False, 0, False) line in TIdIOHandlerStack.Connected.
2) If I get connected to a local FTP server, it ussually hangs after a
transfer, when I do a List command just after the transfer operation. Seems
like some data is lost, and IdFtp keeps trying to read from the socket data
that missed.
3) I had several issues with my own telnet component in the receiving
thread, where it was working perfectly with Indy 9 and with Indy 10 I had to
"poll" the socket every 50 milliseconds.

Had anybody else got similar problems?


Gustavo Ricardi
Chief Technology Officer
Cybele Software Inc.