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Subject: Re: FTP Proxy server settings
Posted by:  Jeremy Darling (jdarli…
Date: Wed, 19 Oct 2005

  I don't know much about proxie servers, but if you can post up the name
I'll download it and place it on my test boxes (that way I'm not wasting
your time having you try things).  Or hopefully Remy will jump in and know
the answer off the top of his head :).


"Peter" <peter.madd…> wrote in message
> We use a FTP proxyserver, so I am trying to use TidFTP to use this. While
> I have some instructions it is still not clear.
> The way to use the ftp proxy using a command shell ftp client
> is ftp ftpproxyserver
>  user useraccount@myrealftpserver
>  password myrealpassword
> To do this I am setting with TidFTP
> host to myrealftpserver
> username to useraccount ?? needed
> password to myrealpassword ?? needed
> then for proxyserver settings
> ProxySettings.ProxyType := fpcmUserSite; //I would assume this is the one
> I should use.
> ProxySettings.UserName := useraccount;
> ProxySettings.Password := myrealpassword;
> ProxySettings.Host :=  FtpProxyServer;
> ProxySettings.port    := 21;
> I then try a connect but it fails on
> Connection failure - FTP logon failure : user@host expected as the login
> name.
> Am I doing the correct things
> Should I get setting ProxySettings.UserName :=
> useraccount+'@'+myrealserver
> Should Host be set to the proxy server address and ProxySettings.Host be
> set to my real server address.
> It may be obvious to many but there is some degree of ambiguity in what
> these settings should actually be.
> One could experiment but its nice to be set straight sometimes.
> A straight FTP connection works fine.


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