Passive mode FTP with router. Unable to transfer files

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Subject: Passive mode FTP with router. Unable to transfer files
Posted by:  Gordon K√§stner (Gordon.Kaestn…
Date: Thu, 27 Oct 2005


I have the following scenario and I'm not able to transfer files
(Login etc works!).

--------    --------        --------    --------
|Client| ------    |Router| ---Internet--- |Router| ------    |Server|
--------    --------        --------    --------

I want to use passive mode ftp! So the client-router doesn't need
to setup forwarding, right?
The router on server side forwards the Ports e.g. 21 and 45000-46000
to the ftp server e.g. 192.x.x.200.
I set PASVBoundPortMin to 45000 and PASVBoundPortMax to 46000.
Which other settings are interesting for me?
I played around with RequirePASVFromSameIP, RequirePORTfromSameIP
and NoReservedPortRange of the SecurityOptions but nothing worked.

I read that I have to use OnPASVBeforeBind and OnPASVReply but how?

Although I'll use passive mode ftp are there some settings on the
client-side to consider?

client and server using the Indy 10 dev-snapshot from 2 day ago.

Thanks for any help.

God bless you!

Gordon Kaestner

PS: Some test results:
Passive mode. Set VIP in PASVBeforeBind and PASVReply to ther IP of
the server-sided router!
client status msgs:
1: Connecting to <- IP of the server sided router
2: Connected.
7: Connection established
6: Starting FTP transfer
Could not bind socket. Address and port are already in use.