Another IdFTPServer problem

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Subject: Another IdFTPServer problem
Posted by:  Nikolay Samofatov (nickol…
Date: Wed, 02 Nov 2005

The problem is that canceling/pausing download and resuming it afterwards doesn't work.
After the reset of data connection (this is what FTP clients do when you cancel or pause download)
control connection becomes useless and doesn't provide you the opportunity to re-establish the data connection.

The error reported is "426 Data connection closed abnormally".

Steps to reproduce:
1. Open FTP server via Far Manager FTP client, try to download big file.
2. Cancel download in the middle via pressing ESC key.
3. Now you cannot do anything with the server, getting 426 error on any attempt to open data connection until you reconnect.

Tested against Indy snapshot from last night and The same functionality works against ProFTPD and pretty much any other FTP server I tried.