Re: Another IdFTPServer problem

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Subject: Re: Another IdFTPServer problem
Posted by:  Jeremy Darling (jdarli…
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005

The latest Dev Snapshot of Indy is 10.1.5 not  52 is actually
quite old and many updates and fixes have been made in 1.5.

I haven't completed work on the FTP Server yet, but when I do I'll test for
this case using the latest Indy.


"Nikolay Samofatov" <nickol…> wrote in message
> The problem is that canceling/pausing download and resuming it afterwards
> doesn't work.
> After the reset of data connection (this is what FTP clients do when you
> cancel or pause download)
> control connection becomes useless and doesn't provide you the opportunity
> to re-establish the data connection.
> The error reported is "426 Data connection closed abnormally".
> Steps to reproduce:
> 1. Open FTP server via Far Manager FTP client, try to download big file.
> 2. Cancel download in the middle via pressing ESC key.
> 3. Now you cannot do anything with the server, getting 426 error on any
> attempt to open data connection until you reconnect.
> Tested against Indy snapshot from last night and The same
> functionality works against ProFTPD and pretty much any other FTP server I
> tried.
> Regards,
> Nikolay


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