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Subject: Re: Possible FTP list parsing difficulties
Posted by:  Jeff Easton (jeff.east…
Date: Thu, 3 Nov 2005

"Jeff Easton" <jeff.east…> wrote in message
>I know this issue opens up all kinds of problems.
> God knows I have spent way too much of my life on this problem in other
> forms.
> However I wanted to see if there was some solution that I could not find.
> I have a directory listing from an FTP server, that has file dates.
> I don't know what the server type is by the way.
> The listing looks like this:
> -snip-
> GRPDPPGMR    1601536 10/28/05 20:00:30 *FILE      TS05102884
> GRPDPPGMR                              *MEM      TS05102884.TS05102884
> GRPDPPGMR    2145280 10/31/05 20:00:33 *FILE      TS05103185
> GRPDPPGMR                              *MEM      TS05103185.TS05103185
> GRPDPPGMR    2125824 11/01/05 20:03:59 *FILE      TS05110186
> GRPDPPGMR                              *MEM      TS05110186.TS05110186
> -snip-
> ( 6 lines total here )
> As you can see, there is an Oct 28th, Oct 31st and Nov 1rst.
> This listing ends up reading the Nov 1rst item as Jan 11th.
> However, the Oct items are correct.
> I have a little parse test app, and I was not able to find anyway to get
> this to read correctly.
> Is there any information on this?
> Is it specific to this server type maybe?
> Has it already been fixed, and my old Indy 10 libraries are just out of
> date?
> Thanks for any info
> Jeff Easton

Just found out that this is an AS400 listing.
Or at least that is what I am told.
Don't know if that helps, but I thought I would post it anyway.

Jeff Easton



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