Re: Still 2GB limit?

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Subject: Re: Still 2GB limit?
Posted by:  Don (blacknapk…
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2005

> Is there still a 2GB file size limit for file transfers using FTP in the
> latest version of Indy?

Yes and no.<g>

TIdIOHandler has been updated to support Int64-sized read/write operations.
There is also a LargeStream property that indicates if Int64-sized
operations are supported/required.  The default is False to retain backward
compatibility on platfoms that do not support Int64 stream operations.

TIdFTP does not provide any mechanism (at this time) for automatically
enabling or altering the property in the IOHandler when the DataChannel is
created and initialized for the client.  You need to put some code in the
OnDataChannelCreate event handler that alters the property in the IOHandler
when the data channel is created for Get and Put method calls.

For example:

    ADataChannel.IOHandler.LargeStream := True;



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