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Subject: it works
Posted by:  cgmautomacao (supor…
Date: Fri, 2 Dec 2005

hello. you just have to use the work mode to "wmWrite" in the event "onWork"
and the variable "AWorkCount" will return the bytes sent. It works for me
this way.

"Carlos Mação" <CMac…> escreveu na mensagem
> Hi,
> While converting my application from Indy 9 to Indy 10 I found that my
> TidFTP.OnWork events are no more triggered during a file upload, only
> the OnWorkBegin and onWorkEnd does.
> Perhaps the problem could be on TIdIOHandler where the Write method
> does not call for DoWork (only the TIdIOHandlerStack.WriteDirect does)
> Why?
> I am using last snapshot development (idIOHandler-Rev 1.123,
> IdComponent-ev 1.4)
> Carlos Macao


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TidFTP.OnWork does not work on Indy 10 posted by Carlos Macao on Mon, 14 Nov 2005