TIdFTPServer, Indy 10, ABORting transfers

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Subject: TIdFTPServer, Indy 10, ABORting transfers
Posted by:  Nicklas Bergfeldt (nicklas.bergfel…@his.se)
Date: Sat, 10 Dec 2005


I'm using the latest Indy 10 (downloaded just a few hours ago) and have
a few problems with aborting the data connection...

First of all, in the simplest case, I want to just abort the transfer
from the client (TotalCommander) I'm using to connect to Indy... but
Indy get stuck in an infinite loop in:
function TIdFTPServer.ReadCommandLine(AContext: TIdContext): string;
  - The server completely halts and won't function any more...

Then, when the above has been fixed, I would also like to be able to
abort a transfer from the server side...
  - I cannot find any good methods for achieving that :-(

Please help me...

Best regards,