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Subject: Re: Put Method and Visual C++ .Net
Posted by:  poojo hackma (
Date: Thu, 12 Jan 2006

Hi Alvin,

I had Indy balk at something similar using Borland.  In my Borland Help, I

Put(const string strSourceFile; const string strDestFile; const bool

To make the function work, I created my own method:

void MyPut(string strSource, string strDest, bool bAppend)
  const string SF = strSource;
  const string DF = strDest;
  const bool bApp = bAppend;
  Put(SF, DF, bApp);

Presto, wham-o! Indy seems happy (though I may have bypassed Indy's
reasoning for requiring constants).

Hope that helps.



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Put Method and Visual C++ .Net posted by Alvin Ho on Mon, 2 Jan 2006