FTP with SSL (Indy 10) List command problem

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Subject: FTP with SSL (Indy 10) List command problem
Posted by:  Jörg_Pfander
Date: Mon, 09 Jan 2006


a have a problem using FTP with SSL.
I added a IdSSLIOHandlerSocketOpenSSL1 component to the Indy 10
FTP Demo and added this IOHandler to the FTP component.
I also set the following setting:
DataPortProtection -> Private
USETLS -> UseImplicitTLS

I use the Serv-U FTP Server (www.Serv-U.com) to test
the FTP client. I set this FTP server to accept only SSL/TLS sessions.

I also use the latest OPENSSL  DLL's (indy_OpenSSL096m.zip)

When i start the demo i got an EIdReplyRFCError (No files found)
After that the connection will be disconntected.
The problems is the following line
FTP.List(lbDirectory.Items, '', false);
When I comment out this line the demo works. I can upload files
and create directions then.

What could be the problem with the List command ?
Thanks for any help.


Jörg Pfander