FTP Error 10038

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Subject: FTP Error 10038
Posted by:  Marcel van Brakel (brakelm@nospam.nl)
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006

I wrote a little app that uses (the latest version of) Indy to send a few
files to an FTP server. This app works at all but one customer site. At this
particular site when the app is run (on any workstation) it raises an
exception with error code 10038 (wsaenotsock) when it tries to actually
upload the files (connect and changedir do work). Using other tools, even
Internet Explorer, to upload the files works fine. I have to go over to the
customer this friday and try to fix the problem, but I have no idea what
could be causing this or where to start. Can anybody offer some advice on
things I can look for that can cause this problem? In case it matters, the
client is running Windows XP and is using a Proxy server and firewall (but
this is no different from the other clients).