Re: FTP Error 10038

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Subject: Re: FTP Error 10038
Posted by:  Jan Derk (no…@none.none)
Date: Thu, 2 Mar 2006

Marcel van Brakel wrote:

> At this particular site when the app is run (on any
> workstation) it raises an exception with error code 10038
> (wsaenotsock) when it tries to actually upload the files (connect and
> changedir do work). Using other tools, even Internet Explorer, to
> upload the files works fine.

Stupid question: Did you try to switch on passive mode? I have seen
plenty of firewalls (incl the Window XP one) and cheap routers dropping
packages, because they can't handle active FTP connections properly.
Internet Explorer has passive on by default and plenty of other FTP
applications switch to passive automatically if an active connection

Jan Derk



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FTP Error 10038 posted by Marcel van Brakel on Thu, 2 Mar 2006