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Subject: FTPClient
Posted by:  Brian (briangochnau…@yahoo.com)
Date: Wed, 22 Mar 2006

I haven't changed any lines of code, this application has been working for months just fine.
After an 'upgrade' to a snapshot I've been getting AV (@tm EurekaLog) errors in IdIOHandler readln
procedure/function. Now RETR FTP failures come and go.

Snapshot 3/6/06 RETR was broke.
Snapshot 3 14/06 RETR was fixed.
Snapshot 3/22/06 RETR is broke.
(hint: changes to IdIOHandler.pas and IdIOHandlerStack.pas)

FtpClient RETR retrieves all but the last 2-3k without error, very reproduceable.

I went back to 3/14/06 snapshot, until this gets fixed.

Known problem??