Re: How to Update a Progress Bar?

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Subject: Re: How to Update a Progress Bar?
Posted by:  Martin James (mjames_falc…
Date: Mon, 8 May 2006

> I use Delphi's IdFTP component to put a file up to a web server. I'm
> to use a progress bar to inform the User how the transfer is going. I know
> the size of the file so can set the max, and I undertand the OnWork event
> will give the bytes transfered, but I'm unsure how I get those figures
> whilst the put is active.

Seee b.p.d.internet.winsock <g>

The OnWork event is called by the TidFTP component during the transfer, ie.
in the same thread-context as the call to 'put'.  OnWork is called at
intervals convenient to TidFTP, AFAIK when an internal buffer is full and
sent/ about to be sent.  You do not have to 'get' the figure, it is 'pushed'
at you - it's an event :)




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