Editing Files Over FTP

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Subject: Editing Files Over FTP
Posted by:  Stuart Millar (millarso…@tiscali.co.uk)
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006


I am not sure whether this is a Windows thing, or Indy.
Everything works.
i.e. FTP Server, clients, rudimentary messaging using FTP.
Windows explorer sees everything etc. etc.
However, how can I directly edit a file on the server side.?

Notepad won't save the file back, even using Save As...
PFE opens the file as readonly, and won't allow save As...  etc.

Is this something on the server I have not set, or part of Windows set up?

Programmatically, I can effectively do all these things from Delphi, but
need to give users a way of editing files on the server.

Any ideas?


Stuart Millar