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Subject: FTP Get resume
Posted by:  Bill Thomasson (bthomass…@custard.com)
Date: Wed, 26 Jul 2006

I am having trouble with resuming gets

I have the line:

  IdFTP.Get(sRemoteFileName, sLocalFile,False,True);

But watching the file transfer, if it the connection was broken previously, it starts again at
0 bytes.

Looking into the idFTP.pas, the Get Creates the append stream, and then calls Get with the

procedure TIdFTP.Get(const ASourceFile: string; ADest: TIdStream; AResume: Boolean = False);
  //for SSL FXP, we have to do it here because InternalGet is used by the LIST command
  //where SSCN is ignored.
  AResume := AResume and CanResume;
  ADest.Position := 0; <-------------- Starts from begining. Bill
  InternalGet('RETR ' + ASourceFile, ADest, AResume);

It then sets the destination to the begining of the stream, overwriting what was there.
If I comment out ADest.Position := 0; then it picks up where it left off.

Is this a bug?  Is there some other reason that in a resume it should be setting the position to 0?

Possibly it should be

if Not AResume Then
  ADest.Position := 0;

Thanks for any input, just don't want to change Indy code without confirmation.  In all my testing
it seams to fix the problem and allow resumes to work.

Bill Thomasson