infinite loop in function TIdSimpleServer.Listen

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Subject: infinite loop in function TIdSimpleServer.Listen
Posted by:  rodolfor (rodolf…
Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006

Hi all.
I use Indy components and I try to realize an application wich sync
two folders, one of each in ftp.

The application is represented by only one tform.

If I have a lot of file, sometimes the ftp component freeze.
In particular I have noted that the software is blocked in the function
TIdListenServer.Listen where it cycle infinitely this loop:

        while (FAbortedRequested = False) and (Result = False) do begin
          Result := Select(AcceptWait);

because result is always false and FAbortedRequested is always false.

If  I set FAbortedRequested = true using the debugger, the elaboration
continue fine.

The component is locked in this loop after I have called a FTP.List

Do you have sone workaround ?