file permission issue ?

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Subject: file permission issue ?
Posted by:  Burek (sta.i…
Date: Thu, 7 Dec 2006

I'm working on service application that every few minutes
check for new files in one folder on ftp server.
If there is any file in folder, application get it,
and then delete source file (something like move operation).
So far things are going well, but i'm not sure how it
will behave in real environment.
Problem is that other applications on server access that
folder and write files to it.
Therefore I cannot be sure that these applications keep
data in memory, and keep file handle as short as possible.
No other method of synchronization is possible but to
get file only when application(s) release it.

Is there any method in IdFTP or FTP command that can tell
me if i can get exclusive access to a file, and even get
file without sharing it ?