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Subject: FTP Newbie
Posted by:  Petter Topp (petter.to…@atcdata.no)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 2007


I'm trying to set up a FTP Client in order to get and delete files on a FTP
I have been reading the documentation regarding FTP.Get and FTP.Delete, but
these object do not discuss the issues of another Client Putting a file at
the same time as I try to Get the file.

1. Could there be concurrency problems between different client on the same
file, or is this handled by the FTP Protocol / FTP Server?

2. Could someone elaborate on this matter, and perhaps tell me how I could
handle this in my FTP Client?

3. I have not found that the Methods FTP Get or FTP Delete returns specific
errors/exceptions in a case like the one described. Are there any?

Petter Topp
D7, Indy 10