Re: Indy 9 FTP Server freeze on Linux 2.6 Kernel

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Subject: Re: Indy 9 FTP Server freeze on Linux 2.6 Kernel
Posted by:  Robin Foreman (r.a.forem…
Date: Mon, 19 Feb 2007


I realised the original post did not contain some probably crucial

The failure mode descibed - FTP Server hangs after data channel is used -
has been observed using Indy 9.0.18 with Kylix 3.

The Linux command line FTP client was sufficient to reveal this issue.

Still very interested in any ideas of what may be going on - I am a little
suspicious of different thread handling in different kernels.


"Robin Foreman" <r.a.forem…> wrote in message
> Hi,
> I seem to have a very strange issue with a pretty simple FTP server
> application which works find on older versions of Linux ( e.g. RHEL4 ) but
> freezes on Fedora Core 6 and RHEL5 Beta.
> The scenario is:
> Login OK
> Display current directory OK
> List current directory OK
> The control channel is now frozen and remains frozen until the FTP server
> daemon is reset.
> It would appear that the control channel works perfectly until the data
> channel is used for the first time.  Although the data transferred is
> correct, there seems to be an issue is going back to the control channel.
> An identical binary on RHEL4 works fine ( as does a version of the code
> slightly modified to be a Windows service ).
> Any ideas what could be going on ??
> Any thoughts or comments would be gratefully received,
> Robin.


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