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Posted by:  Remy Lebeau (Indy Team) (
Date: Thu, 5 Apr 2007

"Adriano" <adrbru…> wrote in message

> After I connect to the server I received a message
> "Cannot open data connection".

There is likely a firewall/router in between you and the server that
is blocking the connection.  All directory listings, statistics, and
file transfers occur on separate sockets.  By default, TIdFTP uses
Active mode for those connections, which means that TIdFTP opens its
own listening sockets and the server then tries to connect to them
when needed.  That is very unfriendly to firewalls/routers.  Try
setting the Passive property to True instead, which will tell the
server to open the listening ports that TIdFTP will then connect to
when needed.  That is a little more friendly to firewals/routers.

> I'm still using the unit IdAllFTPListParsers.

That has nothing to do with this issue.

> when I try using other FTP software it's working fine.

Pay attention to the commands that they are actually sending to the
server.  They are likely using the PASV command instead of the PORT
command when initiating a transfer.




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