Re: Problems with active FTP and ISA 2004 proxy

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Subject: Re: Problems with active FTP and ISA 2004 proxy
Posted by:  Remy Lebeau \(Indy Team\) (
Date: Sun, 27 May 2007

"Soeren Muehlbauer" <soeren.…> wrote in message

> Tracing it through, I can see that in the TIdFTP.InternalGet
> procedure, the BoundIP property of the LPortSv listener socket
> is being set to the external IP of the proxy server.

Then he is using an outdated version of Indy 10, as it does not do
that in the current version.  The TIdSimpleServer.BoundIP property is
always set to the same local IP that established the control

      LPortSv.BoundIP := (Self.IOHandler as

The TIdFTP.ExternalIP property is used only when sending the actual
PORT and EPRT commands, and is not used anywhere else.

> I trapped in the same error. We also have an ISA Server 2004.
> We also get an bound-ip which is the external ip of the isa.

Then you are also using an outdated version.  The current version DOES
NOT try to bind the listening server to an external IP.

> LPortSv.BoundIP := (Self.IOHandler as
> // The BoundIP is the external ip of the proxy

It cannot be.  The TIdSocketHandle.IP property is always the local IP
that the associated connection is bound to on the local machine.  It
is never set to an external IP, let alone a proxy's IP.



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